Tailoring Jewellery
Graduation 2018, Cum Laude
Design Academy Eindhoven

To be seen at the G18 Exhibtion
@ Dutch Design Week, October 2018

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We are overloaded with garments but we still want new outfits. What will be designed when complete new outfits are no longer on demand but alteration of existing garments is requested?

Trashures is a collection of tailoring jewellery empowered by the vision; ’One man’s trash, another man’s treasure’. The jewellery collection focuses on altering existing garments without cutting or sewing. The transparent surfaces of the Trashuresunite jewellery and gathered material into one rich glass-like look, contrasted by the rough embellishments made from valuable and non-valuable charms – equating trash with treasures and emphasizing the vision of the collectio


Multidiciplinary Designer
Sia Hurtigkarl Degel 

︎ @sia.hurtigkarl