“I believe that life is about collecting stories. From small experiences to big adventures. “

Besides collecting stories, Sia collects inspiration. Objects, materials and images to inspire her designs. Attraction to materials, visual compositions and touch is essential. These observations are most often used to create a mood or an atmosphere as a starting point to her design process.

“I am always led by my intuition.”

With intuition as her main guidance Sia designs obejcts, space installations, wearables, accessories and textile developments. With textiles as her leading material Sia strives to stay interdisciplinary and to express visual stories in various media. With a hands-on, experimental approach, her aim is to twist and turn the items or experiences we already know. 

“The way we expose and preserve things are just as essential to me as the product itself.”

Sia often has a stylist approach to her work - a designer in fashion, but not a traditionally trained fashion designer. She is highly inspired by fashion, not necessarily as an aesthetic expression or a collection of garments, but as a reflection of society. Fashion is a reflection of current- and even more importantly future society. Alongside art, fashion is one of the first places to see new societal changes expressed through visuals and materials.
Next to her design practice Sia one of five founders of the curiatorial collective pro temp. The collective creates exhibtions between exhibtions by placeing emerging artist into the established galleries. 


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Multidiciplinary Designer